They’re All Inside Jobs

Overseas Trust Funds, Foreign Payment Processors, Crypto-currency Foreign Accounts, International wire transfers,and my invention, insurance against tax audits for a much needed domestic tax revolt to stimulate the local economy, means NO ONE HAS TO OR SHOULD PAY TAXES!!!

300+ nations are in the multiple of tens of trillions of dollars into debt. High taxes and debt means those foolish enough to pay taxes, insane tax money goes to pay on a debt that will never be paid off.

No taxation and no government means the privatization of the public sector according to the market, or laws of supply and demand. It is also in competition with self-governance. The six faceted process where you privatize includes the following to generate revenue streams:

  1. Stock market portfolios (mostly for retirement)
  2. Gaming and gambling
  3. Sell advertising
  4. Donations
  5. Miscellaneous (police selling cameras, installations, and subscriptions using facial recognition software and other AI, parole officers selling subscriptions to apps with sounded alarm if close to parolee with cable GPS ankle bracelet, fire departments selling smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and weed abatement products for organic diesel after proactive fire prevention, tuition for private Internet and brick-and-mortar schools, forest rangers selling lumber to prevent over-population of trees and over consumption of water that leads to dry timber and forest fires, toll roads, the social security administration selling walkers, canes, and GPS alert services, the military selling Hummers, boat and plane cruises, museum admissions, etc.)
  6. Premiums, deductibles, and co-pays

No taxation means the 8 faceted benefit of supply-side economics, leading to:

Lower unemployment rate

Lower inflation

Lower interest rates

More loans for people with low credit scores, less bankruptcy

Higher wages for the workers, employers become co-workers

Better benefits

Better treatment

Lower income to rent/mortgage ratio requirement

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