They’re All Inside Jobs

Overseas Trust Funds, Foreign Payment Processors, Crypto-currency Foreign Accounts, International wire transfers,and my invention, insurance against tax audits for a much needed domestic tax revolt to stimulate the local economy, means NO ONE HAS TO OR SHOULD PAY TAXES!!!

300+ nations are in the multiple of tens of trillions of dollars into debt. High taxes and debt means those foolish enough to pay taxes, insane tax money goes to pay on a debt that will never be paid off.

No taxation and no government means the privatization of the public sector according to the market, or laws of supply and demand. It is also in competition with self-governance. The six faceted process where you privatize includes the following to generate revenue streams:

  1. Stock market portfolios (mostly for retirement, and social security/welfare/cash aid)
  2. Gaming and gambling
  3. Sell advertising
  4. Donations and charity work
  5. Premiums, deductibles, and co-pays (insurance, study Murray Rothbard)
  6. Miscellaneous (police selling cameras, installations, and subscriptions using facial recognition software and other AI sensing for many purposes, parole officers selling subscriptions to apps with sounded alarm if close to parolee with cable GPS ankle bracelets or implants, not easily removed like chains with bolt cutters meant to fail by design to reward tax-aided parole officers, lawyers, bail bondsmen, and the media, fire departments selling smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and weed abatement products for organic diesel after proactive fire prevention, who also benefit from cameras and AI “putting out fires before they start” mentality, tuition and raffle tickets for private Internet and brick-and-mortar schools, forest rangers selling admission tickets, limited restaurants, gift shops, amusements events, some lumber to prevent over-population of trees and over consumption of water that leads to dry timber, bark beetles, and forest fires, toll roads, the social security administration selling walkers, canes, and GPS alert services, the military selling Hummers, boat, submarine, and plane cruises, museum admission tickets, etc., with military readiness in the more rare cases a more productive and reservedly-happy world will see, more prepared for what will be much less common, especially without the conspiracies from cryptic power brokers, physical conflict)

No taxation means the 8 faceted benefit of supply-side economics, leading to:

Lower unemployment rate

Lower inflation rate

Lower interest rates

More loans for people with low credit scores

Higher wages for the workers, employers become co-workers

Better benefits

Better treatment

Lower income to rent/mortgage ratio requirement

De-centralization with more communication and future’s market analysis works. “The big wave is the sum of the little waves”, like when you use Google Trends, WordTracker, etc., or changing language on the Internet analysis to predict the future with an increasingly smaller margin of error. Also called Fourier analysis, used many times in the past to predict stock trends on Wall Street, Reno’s Harrah for predicting sporting events, etc., you can predict diminishing supplies and the need for more recycling, even using pollutants trapped in catalytic converters for specialty chemicals, like CO, CO2, N2O gases, for spectroscopes, liquid N2 applications, etc. There is no need for regulations. More low orbiting satellites to count trees and animals to share information for the mutual understanding of “under-hunting” and under-cutting to prevent extinction, quickly identify fires and the potential spreading of them, higher resolution weather and climate analysis for better computer simulation modeling and more long-term weather predictions, find missing people, fugitives, health and natural disaster crises, etc., with voluntary association as it is done with consent except for fugitives and more competition from insurance companies who compete for your privacy or lose market share.
“The albatross” becomes less confusing when you get rid of taxes and regulations and the universe is run by the laws of supply and demand, even when capitalism goes away. There will be much less sin and gluttony is self-limiting. “The law of diminishing returns” applies to the above learning curve or saddle curve, like the higher availability of statistics with fewer counter-factors, to better predict the future with a smaller margin of error. Hence, the ability to stave off shortages, use the vision for going to outer space for potential over-population here and access free property, access other natural resources, etc. becomes more common-place. The shrinking number of new records, like in the Olympics or baseball, unless you add steroids or bionic parts, is one example of this phenomenon.

Worldwide overnight drop in tax revenues from more access to new International tax shelters – only the tough and smart survive!

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