I am James Dante Wood, former Cold War and Silicon Valley failure analysis materials engineer and software engineer, with a B.S. in Physics from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA. I am holding on for dear-life because of my hardware jobs going to Asia at the speed of a boat in the ’80’s and ’90’s, the Asians are brought here for $9/hr and I lose my job because unlike the Asians I’m not willing to live with 3 generations of the same house to deal with the cheap-labor lust. Then my software job goes to Asia at near the speed of light, and automation, less interaction from humans, means fewer jobs, and world socialism uses taxes to make the public dependent to make the rich who hate competition richer, who over-regulate through government the middle class and poor and who never pay taxes and spend little (read “Fat Cats and Democrats” by Domhoff), more people are bored, criminally inclinded, higher cost of living, nothing but evil double standards, until an implosion occurs where those “madder than hell and not going to take it anymore!” significantly increase in number until anarcho-primitivism, a “rape, plunder, and pillage” motivation, anticipates the robot techno-anarchy take-over, which could occur at warp speed.

Join me here for my podcast and comment on my blog and we will try to work together as a team to make the transition to 1,000 years of peace as peaceful as possible. The Terminator/Matrix robots may be more forgiving with hybrids and humans on better behavior.

Worldwide overnight drop in tax revenues from more access to new International tax shelters – only the tough and smart survive!

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