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      Provide the full name, location, and other data like birth date, picture, and profession of an individual, and reasons you think that individual will die in the near future, as a comment in this forum. Send checks wagering on their deaths, with information about dead pool candidate that makes them unique (eg. name and birth date, residence) to: SWW3 Dead Pool James Wood 7221 Ellington Circle Austin, TX 78724 USA The return check information will be used to send you a check for compensation. Every calendar month we will post what is in the treasury. If your candidate dies and you can verify death with the death certificate and obituary from a local paper, you will be compensated. Post to the forum as a comment on a death prediction, and the percentage you pay of all the winners will be what you win of 85% of what is in the treasury if the individual passes on. The house keeps 15%. If no one dies, the money rolls over to the following month, and the house will always take 15% of what is in the treasury. So if 10 people make predictions on 10 deaths, and the treasury holds $10,000 from their wagers, and 3 of the people die in any month such that one individual waged $1,000, the other two winners, $500, that means the first winner earns $4,250, the other two $2,125 each, and the house gets $1,500. All winners will be compensated by no later than the 10th of the following month. The more money people bet on an individual candidate, the higher they will rank in the directory.
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