Get Busted And Win The Lottery

The six low priority crimes are:

  1. Drugs or possessing/trafficking controlled substances
  2. Speech crimes (terrorist threats, incite to riot, harassment, etc.)
  3. Illegal possession of firearms
  4. Prostitution and pandering
  5. Bench warrants
  6. Gambling

The crime rate is through the roof by the very existence of the criminal justice system. They over-enforce the little things and under-enforce the big things because they are stupid, evil, lazy cowards. Not just people with a drug possession charge, but even an arrest record with a 90% acquittal rating can’t find a job with the record, so they are forced to re-offend with drug trafficking, killing cartel rivals and cops in competition for turf, rob banks, participate in hit man services, etc., just like when the Roman Empire and Soviet Union collapsed. Many innocent people going to jail means the guilty get away with the crime and are re-offending, and that means a much higher crime rate, which the criminal justice system loves, otherwise they lose job security and lose their jobs, health care, and exorbitant pensions.

In order to force self-governance, privatization of the criminal justice system against victim-based crimes, you need a tax revolt with encouragement of more victimless crimes to make it impossible to enforce those laws. Use foreign payment processors and a method to receive checks through a P.O. box and if somebody can verify they were arrested for any of the above six offenses, or audited with penalties or interest for legal tax debt, they win a lottery prize. Promote your lottery at and I will promote you through my network of blogs and podcast.

Legalization is not capitulation, as the black market has a higher profit market than the white market, and the economy will over-heat and people will have to be on better behavior when they collect charity and insurance money, take on jobs with no bosses, in labor guilds with more job security and less absenteeism than rivals, proven throughout history.

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