Intelligent Design and Miracles

Dirty Harry said, “I never thought of it as a game!” He was not just referring to secular laws, but life. Games, as a rule, like what odd’s makers use to access the likelihood of something happening, is what I use. Gaussian and Maxwell-Boltzmann for (Symmetric versus asymmetric bell curves) statistics and Fourier. The Gaussian bell curve in high school, where A’s and F’s are less common to the opposing sides, and C’s more common in the middle, is an example. Does this mean the miracle on ice in 1980, Lake Placid, NY, was something that’s not absorbed by the many non-miracles, a rare “bullseye” of the many hockey games played, when looking at hockey for what the odd’s maker will access?

5,000 years ago, almost every tribe had it’s own version of a giant flood and a Noah’s Ark recovery, and human behavior was very despicable for the prelude. The Romans, with their brothels and terrible behavior at the Colosseum, crucifixions, witnessed many earthquakes, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, etc., followed by the mostly pious behavior of the Christians with far fewer natural disasters in western Europe for 1,000 years, fairly warm, pleasant weather. During the nineteenth century, the great age of intellectuals and Queen Victoria, moral, scruples, ethics and values, people would read books and talk to each other, throw out the bums in politics, and the weather was relatively good. Then, with progressivism and the muckrakers taking over in the early twentieth century, there was the Galveston hurricane (1903), the San Francisco earthquake (1906), and many natural disasters since. My native California was known for moderate climate until after the 1989 departure of Ronald Reagan, then the entitlement crowd came there, with the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, flooding, and many other natural disasters.

Prophesy, life after death, creationism versus evolution, and miracles are the tenets of super-naturalism, God and religion. Steven Hawking, before he died, went from being an agnostic to an atheist, exclaiming “there are things I cannot explain, but I am convinced there will eventually be an explanation”. However, does God, by definitions of the word, perfection, love, higher power, centralizing force, not exist by the vary pursuits of being those factors, as striving for perfection where that which is certainty, negligible margin of error, mean the burden of responsibility to understand infiniteness and combining natural functions leads to precision? That which has an explanation is it’s own Orwellian “agnosticism is Gnosticism” double-think where the individual chooses their own definition and interpretation, where words are never explicit. Numbers are usually irrational and nuances of gray as well (see
Uncertainty principle – Wikipedia), but can be precise to overcome the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles, to satisfy Einstein’s statement, “God did not roll dice when He created the universe”.

Are ghosts fake, hallucinations, or holograms of either natural or super-natural origin? The theory of mass hallucination where multiple people see and describe later what appears to be the same paranormal event is on it’s face a ridiculous theory. 500 people witnessed the Sun dance in the sky in Fatima, Portugal, in 1915. As for the theory of evolution, the human genome has nothing in common with Chimpanzees, Homo Erectus, or Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, the alleged ancestors and cousins to modern humans. Increased excavation of the rain forests for crops and more bathyscaphe explorations of the ocean’s bottoms, where rivers should sweep bones out onto the ocean floor, are not finding the so-called “transitory” skeletons of hybrids, like a dolphin that gives way to a hippopotamus.

Is the Book of Revelation and Nostradamus all happening now?

The prophets having a talent may be defined by Even though mass or light cannot exceed the speed of light according an Einstein interpretation of Lorentzian time dilation:

“Faster than the speed of light” means v^2 > c^2 or a number greater than one being substracted by one in the square root of the denominator, so an imaginary number or i. Imaginary numbers may not be unreal, just something that represents a property undetectable to our 4-dimensional space-time inertial reference frame. So is there a fifth dimension or a parallel universe? Steven Hawking verified you cannot be trapped in the event horizon of a black hole, as you build up momentum with greatly increasing speed and rates of change of position when you approach it so you sling-shot outward. Otherwise black holes would be white holes with so many photons trapped in something usually 3 miles in diameter. It would seem ridiculous, based on a conclusion of Einstein, Schwarzschild, and Kerr that an object or photon comes to a screeching halt just at or shy of the speed of light when near a black hole.

Magnetic field lines (electric field lines are perpendicular or concentric circles, collectively called the electro-magnetic force. Is the Woodward/Mach force the perpendicular counter-part to gravity, to help re-establish the search for a Unified Field Theory? Mass causes gravity and not a central force but a general relativity bend in the “path of least resistance” for something, like photons near the Sun, proven by Eddington with the 1920 total eclipse of the Sun in South Africa. Gravity waves, like the bent EM field lines above, are real, though weak and hard to detect.

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