Labor Guild & Peer-to-Peer Logic

The George Costanza Labor Guild means you hire and fire yourself in a network of self-employed people working at one or more firms at the same time that all become labor guilds when management goes away. The employees will not fear retailiation because you cannot privatize the jails for more than a small percentage of people if the managers call 9-11 with a worker, consumer-turned-looter-turned-worker take-over. The economy will overheat, and a computer, not a person, will tell you what is the best percent-commission of the firm’s gross you should earn based on future’s market predictions. If you ask for to low or too high a percent-commission, you make less. So as things stabilize you will have less variation in income, with incentive to save to reduce inflation and prepare for a rainy day, better yet purchase private unemployment and disability insurance.

Say, for example, there is a grocery store with 100 workers to start and each individual enters what percentage they think they deserve. If the total is over 100%, 100% is divided by each input percentage to determine the final output percentage. Over time, if your job, say check out clerk, box person, or inventory clerk, which requires less for skills than the butcher, charges too much in commissions, so the butcher will warn of the desire to go elsewhere for more money in an overheating economy, it will likely cause the other employees to ask for less and prosper from the senority of a team effort where nothing is more important than communication.

Worldwide overnight drop in tax revenues from more access to new International tax shelters – only the tough and smart survive!

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