Pay No Bills and Redistribute

Tax debt is not a crime. If you don’t pay your taxes, rent, mortage, loan debt, utilities, there is the possibility, but not when wide spread, you may get audited with penalties and interest, evicted, foreclosed on, assessed a lower TRW score, and have utilities shut down, respectively. But it becomes remote as a possibility because if you happen to have intervention by someone in a position of power, when penalties are accessed, you win a “pay no bills and redistribute” insurance settlement, making it impossible for the people in power to function. You can charge a low premium with your own foreign payment processor or have the insured pay by mailing checks, and I will promote you here and at my blogs and podcast at

Go to to sell insurance against tax audits, evictions, foreclosures, TRW penalities, and utility penalties (with education how to be utility independent). You may contact us at anytime for detailed instructions how to setup your business and how to properly advertise.

Call it a lottery, raffle, insurance settlement, even anti-charity, incentives to cause a tax, rent, or mortgage strike are impossible to make illegal, either because of different names or the ability to buy these incentives from foreign online presences, while raising awareness for the four ways where you use electronic International tax shelters to not have to pay taxes. Governments around the world have assembled and decided many times not to tax electronic International tax money. One, because the politicians are bought and sold by wealthy lobbyists and campaign contributors who never paid much in taxes, they don’t want to lose their jobs. Two, it’s not possible. Electronic money moves at almost the speed of light, and lawyers and auditors don’t, especially with more awareness and usage of these shelters by more people. More auditors are laid off everyday, with more inmates getting out of jail and less chance of jail time for tax evasion or tax fraud. In most countries, tax debt is not a crime. The only problem with tax evasion/fraud, and not buying lotteries tickets with the hope of an audit where you want penalties at first, you are not forcing the IRS or other tax collectors to work hard enough for free. There was a time e-mail spam was criminally illegal, and domestic IP address theft (stolen proxy servers) was a felony. But the spam would then come from overseas, and spammers would just use foreign proxy or anonymous servers, so as these laws become more un-enforceable over time, the politicians got rid of them. Only an idiot thinks you can or should save the system. And for people like Vladimir Lenin trying to create tax duress through world domination, it only leads to Elon Musk and his wealthy buddies going to outer space. Evil Emperor Palpatine cannot steal your tax money from what will be light years away.

The Vandals, a Germanic tribe who attacked Rome several times until it’s final demise in 455 AD. This is where we get the world “vandalism”, as the Vandals were portrayed by most historians to be barbaric hooligans who would just destroy structures and loot. But they were actually a well organized army that would intentionally destroy buildings to make it impossible for the Romans to collect property tax, as buildings cannot move around to avoid income and consumption tax like people.

Worldwide overnight drop in tax revenues from more access to new International tax shelters – only the tough and smart survive!

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