Pay No Bills and Redistribute

Tax debt is not a crime. If you don’t pay your taxes, rent, mortage, loan debt, utilities, there is the possibility, but not when wide spread, you may get audited with penalties and interest, evicted, foreclosed on, assessed a lower TRW score, and have utilities shut down, respectively. But it becomes remote because if you happen to have intervention by someone in a position of power, when penalties are accessed, you win a “pay no bills and redistribute” insurance settlement, making it impossible for the people in power to function. You can charge a low premuim with your own foreign payment processor or have the insured pay by mailing checks, and I will promote you here and at my blogs and podcast at

Go to to sell insurance against tax audits, evictions, foreclosures, TRW penalities, and utility penalties (with education how to be utility independent). You may contact us at anytime for detailed instructions how to setup your business and how to properly advertise.

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