So Get Rid of All The Jobs

Put out fires before they start, literally and figuratively, and insurance and self-governance will work better to save lives and increase prosperity for all.

ocean trend
The big waves are the result of the little waves, and the smaller ripples, and so on. Look at the past, you can make and predict the future. “The future is our’s to see, que sera, sera” as you cannot effect your own trend, because of competition between trends analysis expose firms.

In the 1990’s, a man predicted plane crashes with small margins of error. Look at all possible factors, type of plane, size of plane, even color, as a red plane stands out and a white plane may blend in with clouds causing direct hits or over-turbulence. Time of day, time of year, geography, etc. You can be scarily accurate down to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles. Use,,, and Trends Research of New York for advice, as well as online tutorials using spreadsheets.

“Delta x” is change of position, “delta p” is change of momentum,, “delta E” is change of energy, “delta t” is change of time.

Trends analysis for the demand for any keyword, where the seed keyword, like “plane crashes” above can be automatically traced with Google Trends to all the suggested related keywords or related topics to create a “best fitting wave” prediction for the long term future, using inverse Fourier to look at the inherit wave-like nature of all things and sub-factors, in a universe where 99% of factors effecting life are known and always repeatable. A Cray Super Computer can use all known forces and factors and a mapping of the known universe where real versus ideal is compared to Einstein’s tensor calculus for a curvilinear four-dimensional inertial reference frame space-time mapping of the universe (the Matrix, a presumed human reconstruction of the Universe as a simulation where free will and destiny are the same, or four-dimensional spider web once investigated as super-string theory). Schrodinger for waves and Heisenberg for uncertainty or smallest margin of error from Quantum Mechanics can substitute the traditional Fourier methodologies. This is the software which is the brain.

A graphene spider robot, stable, with outer-transmission wheels for high travel speed on smoother surfaces, extendable fingers, arms, legs, etc., driven by Matrix with minimum human data input, radar and multi-wave-spectrum transmit and receive detection makes anything possible. Think of a spider furniture moving firm where articles, pre-known door sizes, requested final locations, minimizes hard and tedious human labor and less intellectual input.
Graphene, soon to be cheap, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength but low density/light weight (perfect for football helmets for protecting both head and neck at the same time to dispel unnecessary rule changes in football) can be used for cars and car engines, toys, everything, wind generators with diameter and pitch changes to adjust for wind velocity and direction changes to conserve energy, coupled with radar to prevent bird and plane intercepts, etc. Most importantly, it will be used for much higher transistor density with higher clock speeds for computer chips, using carbon-nano-tubes as semi-conductors, graphene as the conductor, and argon as the trapped dielectric. This means smaller and a much higher electron-to-photon ratio for solar panels, better batteries, etc.

Worldwide overnight drop in tax revenues from more access to new International tax shelters – only the tough and smart survive!

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