Will Work and Make Dog Day Afternoons For Food

And justice for all…

Arbitration and private court, with the 6 faceted means of privatizing the public sector and the legal system, will work much better until rebuilding the world family unit, productivity through love of labor when toil gives way to machines, cameras, chips outside and inside the body and insurance call for better behavior with more repentance that increases the forgiveness rate creates a more peaceful, perfect world. The only laws that will exist are those of supply versus demand, where greed goes away, and gluttony is self-limiting.

To force privatization, you “over-legitamize the system out of existence” with https://www.LawSuitBlaster.com. Private court will probably exist for sometime with ankle bracelots in the criminal justice system for parolees that are cables, not easy to remove with bolt cutters like chains, and the procurement of property for the well-to-do and indiscrete, who do what you can do, hide money overseas in overseas trust funds, to capitlize on stock market and minimize tax liability.

Worldwide overnight drop in tax revenues from more access to new International tax shelters – only the tough and smart survive!

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